Motivate Kids to Learn Bundle


Motivate Kids to Learn Bundle


PLEASE NOTE: Some of the videos in this bundle are not quite ready. That’s why it says “Coming Soon.” But, I am taking orders for this bundle.  If you decide to order, you will be notified when the rest of the video content appears in your bundle. This bundle is only available in the United States.


This bundle is only available in the United States. You asked for it and we listened! Learn how to motivate kids to learn without bribes and punishments with this bundle. You receive:

  • 1 PRINT copy of 100 Ways to Motivate Kids with FREE shipping
  • 4 videos, which are:
    • How to Motivate Kids to Learn without Bribes and Punishments 1-hour conference workshop
    • Create a traveling notebook or mailbox how-to video
    • Make your own card and board games how-to video
    • Instructional video on how to create challenge boxes from recycled materials
  • 3 PDFs, which are:
    • Question prompts for the traveling notebook
    • Game ideas for both card and board games
    • Supply list and challenges for your challenge box

This bundle will help you motivate kids of all ages with the included tools and activities. You can get your children actively involved in their learning and development of essential problem-solving skills. In this way, they will sharpen their thinking, creativity, and ability to apply knowledge to real world situations. Through the book and activities, you will find ways to make learning relevant and fun for your children. And, relevance is one of the key ways to motivate kids. When they see the relationship between their daily lives and their lessons, the learning comes alive. Use these tools over and over again and get results, not whining!


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