Quiet Time for Mom

We live in a noisy world and often feel like we need some sort of background noise going. Total silence has become uncomfortable. Let’s talk about the benefits of spending time in silence, or insisting on some quiet time for mom. How about getting comfortable with spending that time sitting in silence instead of reading or listening to worship music?.

As much as you may enjoy having music constantly playing in the background or the TV always on, that constant noise can wear on you. Even if you don’t realize it, your brain is working extra hard to process that noise along with your current task. Yes, it’s okay to allow yourself that music or TV or even conversation with others while performing some tasks and duties. However, you want to make sure you are also setting aside special “quiet time” for yourself throughout the day. My favorite place to do this is in the car. Sometimes, I insist on doing errands alone just so I can have some silence. No constant chatter. No dinging phone. And no music. Just blissful quiet.

woman sitting on a rock enjoying quiet time looking out over the ocean on a clear day

Quiet Time for Mom to Reset the Day

Finding Calm

Setting aside time to embrace the silence and enjoy peace and quiet will help your mind find the calm. You want to give your brain and body that time to rest and reset. A calm and peaceful environment allows you to rest. After the quiet time, you will feel rested. Your brain will be ready to take on new challenges.

As you sit there in silence, you may even feel a bit sleepy. Go ahead and allow yourself that little power nap! Relax your muscles. Take deeper, slower breaths. Let all your thoughts slip away and let yourself fall into that twilight state, even for just a few minutes. The short break from all the stimuli will rejuvenate your brain and give you renewed energy for the rest of your day.

Thinking Clearly

Oftentimes, the stress and noise of our everyday activities can fog our brains. Setting aside a time during your day – even 5 minutes – of quiet reflection will help to clear your mind and organize your thoughts. Meditation will also benefit you in this area. Sometimes, I like to spend the time talking out loud. I like to think of it as talking to God, but it can sound a lot like an audible brain dump rather than a conversation. Other times, I enjoy the quiet time listening for His voice. It’s really hard to hear Him when my world is full of noise all the time.

Being Mindful

Marinating in quiet reflection time also allows you to practice mindfulness. You are being intentional with your time and with your thoughts. Embracing quiet time allows you to be fully aware in the present moment. Without the constant buzz of noise, your ability to really listen and hear heightens. This brings about a huge benefit and will help immensely with de-stressing.

Sitting and relaxing in complete silence does amazing things for your mind and body. You can really get in tune with your thoughts, emotions, and intentions. It may be uncomfortable at first or feel weird. But as you practice more and more, you will find that embracing the silence leads you to deeply reconnect with yourself.

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